Missouri requests $15M to support EHRs

Missouri Governor Matt Blunt is going to request a $15 million increase in the budget for the Healthcare Technology Fund in the budget to support Mo HealthNet.

The increase will enhance healthcare services for low income Missourians and will support access to care for the nearly 830,000 Missourians served by Mo HealthNet, according to Blunt.

Blunt said that the state can “use secure technology to enhance the delivery of healthcare services for Missourians. The advantages of technology are numerous, and we can use these technologies to deliver high quality healthcare while lowering prices and improving access.”

The “electronic technologies assist providers in coordinating care, improving healthcare outcomes for Mo HealthNet participants and ensuring that healthcare dollars are spent wisely,” said Deborah Scott, Department of Social Services director.

Blunt's budget recommendation for the Healthcare Technology Fund will support the new secure EHRs system for Mo HealthNet. The system will help make it possible to deliver data to Mo HealthNet physicians to assist them in making better informed diagnoses and treatment decisions for their patients. The Governor's funding will help Mo HealthNet administrators and providers avoid redundant, unnecessary or contra-indicated drugs or procedures while expediting needed treatment for Missourians, according to Scott.