Misys, eRAD PACS partnership comes to a close
Misys and eRAD have chosen not to renew their RIS/PACS integration partnership which began back in 2003. Both companies have instead decided to focus on their core products, with Misys primarily focused on its RIS products and eRAD focusing attention to its PACS, said Roy Miller, president and founder of eRAD.

Miller describes the split as a “friendly termination” and said that the most current Misys RIS product continues to include links to the eRAD PACS for simple integration. Miller added that strategic partnerships of this type are extremely expensive to maintain, which is another reason why a renewal was not pursued.

eRAD actually offers customers an assortment of solution integrations currently. “We have completed about 20 HL7 with various RIS/HIS/EMR vendors, though the Misys is the tightest such integration we have currently,” said Roy Miller.

Customers with the integrated Misys/eRAD systems will be contracted with eRAD for software support. At the time all joint customers are being converted, Miller said.

eRAD is continuing to pursue the RIS market, and announced at RSNA 2006 in Chicago a branded RIS in collaboration with RIS Concepts. However, this system differs from the Misys integration in that it is not geared as a full-scale hospital solution, but rather for small hospitals and imaging centers which is more in keeping with their overall focus, he said.

At press time, Misys had not responded to requests for information regarding the partnership.