Misys teams up with MedAptus
Misys Healthcare Systems showcased its clinical product in use at more than 1,700 practices and announced a partnership with MedAptus, a provider of point-of-care solutions to healthcare organizations, to integrate MedAptus' Electronic Charge Capture with Misys EMR, Misys Vision and Misys Tiger, the Misys ambulatory solution suite. This new partnership will provide mobile solutions and integrated professional charge capture capabilities.

The Misys/MedAptus solution will offer users enhanced reimbursement, improved compliance with billing regulations and decreased administrative burden. Studies have shown the adoption of the MedAptus solution to produce a five-fold ROI, according to Dan Pollard, PhD, director of product management. He said physicians often lose revenue when they see patients outside of their own practice walls. By integrating with practice management systems and the EMR, physicians get all charges captured for proper coding. It has a huge revenue opportunity for practices. “Improving efficiency lets them improve clinical care,” said Pollard, potentially funding an EMR.

Meanwhile, Misys has been working to integrate its EMR with PACS, using a portal to link the two and allowing HL7-level integration. The company’s ambulatory clinical solutions are CCHIT-certified for 2006 and the company plans to stay engaged in the certification process this year. CCHIT certification “raises the bar for the whole industry,” said Pollard. “It helps simplify some of the buying decisions by steering people in the right direction.”

Misys will release v. 9.0 this summer, expanding on interoperability by enabling practices to connect directly to data stores. The company wants to make IHE available and affordable to smaller practices. “We want to offer strong usability,” said Pollard, “and improve the physician experience by making it better and simpler. That’s the key to broader adoption. Usability is a key barrier.”