M*Modal (Booth 5672 ) is showcasing AnyModal CDS Live, a real-time, hosted Speech Understanding solution that captures what you say with accuracy.  

AnyModal CDS Live extends the company’s hosted conversational documentation service, AnyModal CDS, to provide speech understanding functionality in real time. The technology captures and comprehends clinical information from dictation, transforming it directly into accessible, retrievable and shareable electronic files.

AnyModal CDS Live works with existing hardware in place, on any computer. When a physician finishes speaking, he or she presses the "end of recording" button on the PC-based recording tool, and AnyModal CDS Live completes the understanding and immediately returns the document for review. Physicians can choose multiple options such as immediate “edit in place” and sign-off; batch processing for multiple report review and sign-off; or transfer for Medical Language Specialist (MLS) editing and completion with return to the physician for sign-off.  Physicians also can select their own templates to begin the transcription process, cutting down on actual dictation time.

M*Modal uses the software as a service (SaaS) application delivery model, independently hosting, operating, and maintaining its software application in an offsite data center, with availability and full disaster recovery, for customer use over the internet.