Mobile screening clinic hits New York City streets for the underserved
Project Renewal, a not-for-profit organization, has launched ScanVan, a mobile mammography/radiology clinic to serve New York City’s poor and homeless population.

According to the organization, ScanVan is the first mobile clinic to provide both mammogram screenings for breast cancer and chest x-rays to screen for tuberculosis.

The city council provided $600,000 in capital funding for the equipment and the van, said Project Renewal.

ScanVan is outfitted with a new Canon digital x-ray unit for chest x-rays and a GE Performa unit for mammograms.

Three trained medical professionals will operate the clinic, which will travel to all five N.Y. boroughs, serving approximately 5,000 poor and homeless residents annually, regardless of whether they have medical insurance.

For patients with a positive screening, Project Renewal will ensure follow-up treatment. Uninsured patients will be offered assistance in obtaining Medicaid, as well as emergency Medicaid for those with positive diagnoses.