Money concerns impact IT, storage
A survey conducted by Storewiz Inc., a provider of primary storage data compression solutions, found that customers have growing concerns about their storage costs, with more than two-thirds interested in cutting the size and management time of stored data.

Other survey findings include:

• 82 percent of companies do not have the budget for storage expenditures in the current quarter;

• 39 percent of participants in the study are managing more than 10TB of data with 7 percent handling more than 100;

• Most respondents anticipate an 11 to 25 percent annual storage growth rate (48 percent) followed by those expecting a 1 to 10 percent increase (36 percent). Twelve percent forecast between a 26 and 50 percent rate with 4 percent expecting more than 50 percent growth; and

• 28 percent of those surveyed are seeing power consumption associated with their data storage rise by as much as 50 percent.