Motion Computing ready for surge in slate tablet PC use

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Motion Computing showed last month at HIMSS 2006 in San Diego that it is preparing to meet increased interest in slate tablet PCs with its LS800 and LE1600 tablet PCs. The LS800 is the smallest, lightest (2.2 pounds), full-powered tablet PC available. The LE1600 is 3.1 pounds with a 12.1-inch display. Tablet PCs with 12.1-inch displays have been the company’s bread and butter, but the 8.4-inch LS800 has the advantage of fitting into physicians’ labcoat pockets.

Wireless networks have never been more affordable, secure and functional, according to Motion Computing, and the software industry has caught up, ready to support the tablet PC market.

Both tablets provide an array of wireless capabilities, biometric microphone array system, built-in gigabyte Ethernet, full performance Microsoft Windows XP table PC operating system, and single device deployment.