Motion Computing shows new Motion C5
Motion Computing showcased its Motion C5 at HIMSS07 in New Orleans. Designed with and for clinicians and now being implemented in clinician usability studies worldwide, the C5 is the first highly sealed, fully disinfectable computer to integrate into one durable device the relevant technologies important to clinician workflow and productivity. The C5 combines multiple devices into one — including a built-in barcode and RFID reader for patient identification and supply, specimen and medication administration verification; a built-in camera; and a fingerprint reader to improve security and simplify clinician authentication.

A recent qualitative study of nursing workflow, usage and preferences conducted by HIMSS Analytics and commissioned by Motion Computing found that nurses perceived benefits from point-of-care technology, such as enhanced overall workflow, improving patient care and increasing time spent at a patient’s bedside. Ensuring that end-users are comfortable with tools and devices is one of the biggest challenges of successful implementation. According to the findings, the nurses felt that increased time spent at the bedside was due to mobile technology at the point-of-care reducing the need to retrieve patient charts from medical records prior to care, and spending less time going to and from a stationary computer in the nursing station.