Motorola showcases mobile solutions
Motorola acquired Symbol Technologies in January and now offers wearable, application-specific devices which were on display on HIMSS07 in New Orleans last week. Medication administration has the most buzz said Jeff Schou, senior director of Motorola’s healthcare industry solutions group. Every hospital will have to have a medication verification system in place within the next few years, he said, but only about 700 facilities do so now.

Motorola only supplies hardware so hospitals are sent to the company by their software vendors, Schou said. Mobile devices can help with nonclinician hospital staff, he said. “Very few people are tied to a desk. Everyone is mobile.” That includes employees who manage supplies in hospitals – Motorola devices can provide automatic replenishment in ORs and in patient care units. Devices also can aid with patient tracking. “We try to come up with the best form factor based on the user’s most overwhelming needs.”

Motorola gets regular feedback from end users and clinical partners, Schou said. The company recently added Vocera to its PartnerSelect program to add the voice system to the Motorola MC70, the first rugged enterprise-class digital assistant.