mPlexus targets prior exams
During the 94th annual Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) meeting in Chicago, mPlexus introduced three new additions to its software portfolio.

The West Lafayette, Ind.-based company debuted version 2.0 of its DICOM software for image routing, compression, encryption and storage, DICOM eXtender. Features of the eXtender include: DICOM header manipulation; DICOM study import, edit and route; route priority; transmission throttling; pre-fetching of prior studies; a diagnostic quality viewer; disk space management; and archive functionality.

With the DICOM eXtender Relevant Prior Engine, users can gather prior exams from multiple DICOM archives or devices and deliver them to single or multiple archives for interpretation. According to mPlexus, the RPE recognizes that the exam has been scheduled or completed; identifies the patient having the exam; locates all priors for the specific patient, selects relevant ones and delivers them to the final destination(s).

The company also showcased its “reliable diagnostic quality viewer” at the show with its DICOM eXtender Image Viewer version 1.0. The viewer, which is not intended for diagnostic purposes, allows users to view thumbnails of images; stack, rotate or flip images. Additional features include: cine; measurements; undo/redo; reference lines; mean and standard deviation reporting on ROIs; a spatial locator; and multiframe image support.