helps woman manage health
i3ARCHIVE Inc. is offering women a new online tool called National Digital Medical Archive). is adirect-to-patient program that provides women the ability to managetheir digital breast health exams and store their personal healthinformation on the NDMA, which the company created.

According to recent statistics, 20 percent of all mammography studiesare unavailable when a radiologist needs them for comparison. With thistool, the company hopes to decrease that percentage so that priorimages are always available. Now women patients can directlyparticipate in the management of their healthcare, partner with theirphysicians, and protect the security of their images.

Membership benefits include:
  • Resource Center access for essential breast health and screening information;
  • Election process for participation in clinical trials;
  • Site locator for finding local digital mammography facilities;
  • Personal family tree builder for discovery of potential risk factors for cancer and other diseases;
  • Chronicle past breast examinations to track location and results of older studies;
  • Health experience journals to log important findings, which can be shared with clinicians;
  • Medical history tracking to better coordinate healthcare with aclinician, participate in decision-making processes, and become a moreeducated patient;
  • Calendar with reminders for appointments, medication/prescriptions, self-breast exams, and more.
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