NAI showcases MDR
NAI Technology Products showcased its medical digital recorder (MDR) at SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., last week. MDR is a medical DVD recorder that provides high resolution video recording of dynamic and static image series in a DICOM format. MDR is the only medical grade DVD recorder with “Relevent-IQ” to save time and improved image quality.

MDR’s proprietary Relevent-IQ capability lets users save only the clinically relevant data of any exam, allowing for recording of still images, loops and cine with a touch of a button or footswitch. MDR features retrospective and prospective record modes in addition to one button capture of high quality stills from full motion video.

Only MDR can provide video recording to DVD with image quality and output which is equal to that of the original exam data. Each DVD (or CD) is recorded in DICOM format from a high-resolution video source. Images recorded by MDR are far superior to images recorded to video tape or MPEG from typical S-video sources.

MDR was designed specifically as a medical imaging device. It integrates with existing modalities and provides at the console control of exam recording, compatible with existing VCR controls. For the high quality playback, MDR uses DICOM format to record to DVD, allowing quick retrieval and review from any Windows PC using the MDR DICOM viewer or PACS workstation. MDR features proprietary Automatic Character Recognition to extract the patient name and ID from incoming video to automatically populate the DICOM fields. MDR is designed to meet HIPAA compliance, providing a number of tools to regulate access to patient images and information.