NAI Tech Products
NAI Tech Products (Booth 3819) is introducing its MDR Video RP and MDR Express RP, compact, stand-alone medical image recorders with integrated disk label printing.

MDR Video RP records high-resolution streaming video to CD or DVD media in a
DICOM format with automatic full color label printing including patient demographic data. The self-contained publishing solution can be installed easily in fluoroscopy rooms or on ultrasound, mobile C-arm or endoscopic carts.

MDR Express RP provides the same disk burning and labeling capability without the video capture, for modalities such as CR, DR, digital mammography, CT and MRI which have DICOM output.

Another feature of the RP is the electronic scribing process (ESP), which reads the patient demographics from unlabeled disks and automatically labels them with the correct patient information. If ink-jet printable disks were not used, RP will transfer the data to its internal hard drive and burn a new disc with a printed label on suitable media.