NCHICA, WEDI launch database for healthcare standards
The North Carolina Healthcare Information and Communications Alliance (NCHICA) and the Workgroup for Electronic Data Interchange (WEDI) Timeline Initiative have released their first estimated timeline database addressing proposed healthcare standards, regulations and other initiatives announced by federal agencies and national standards organizations.

The timeline estimates that the implementation of the 5010 version of HIPAA transactions will be complete in 2014. This date is important because the ICD-10 clinical coding system cannot be used until 5010 transactions are implemented and can be processed using the ICD-10 codes, according to both organizations.

“It is important that organizations take a project management approach to implementing new federal regulations,” said Holt Anderson, executive director of NCHICA. “Our estimate is based on the key assumption that a proposed rule on 5010 will be published in June 2008, and if only minor revisions are made, a final rule will be published in 2010. It is projected that it will take three years to move to limited production of new standards and one year to move to full compliance, bringing us to 2014.”

NCHICA is teaming with WEDI to expand their joint work to include other key regulations in future releases of the timeline, such as NCPDP D.0, e-prescribing, attachments and acknowledgements. The estimated timeline for 5010 is available for download on the NCHICA and WEDI websites (visit or

“It is our hope that organizations will download the timeline and modify it as needed to determine what they must do internally to implement new regulations,” said WEDI Executive Vice President and CEO Jim Schuping. “This tool will help them see the steps needed and other dependencies that affect implementation dates. We hope to receive feedback that confirms or sheds new light on the underlying assumptions to further refine the estimated timeline.”