NDS Surgical Imaging
NDS Surgical Imaging (Booths 4029/8944) is introducing two new displays to the Dome line: the Dome Z10, the newest in the line of Dome 30-inch displays, and the Dome E3c High-Bright (E3cHB), the newest in the line of Dome high-bright color displays.

The Dome Z10 is appropriate for all imaging modalities with a focus on mammography, which requires film-like precision. The 10 megapixel, 30-inch display size of the Dome Z10 offers side-by-side digital study comparisons, less panning and zooming.

The Dome E3cHB color display, at 700 nits, is designed for high-resolution PACS imaging, color ultrasound, CT, MRI, CAD and PET/CT fusion. The Dome E3cHB’s open architecture design is capable of leveraging the latest in graphics technology and graphics standards which enable faster display performance.

The Dome E3cHB and Dome Z10 are compatible with the new Dome Dashboard 2.0 software, a console application that enables PACS administrators and IT managers to centrally manage, control, and report on the state of Dome displays.

The new version of Dome CXtra software, which monitors, controls, and adjusts DICOM calibration of Dome displays to the user’s desired luminance across all gray levels, is bundled with Dome E3cHB, Dome Z10 and all other Dome displays.