NEC releases Multisync MD series monitors

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NEC-Mitsubishi Electronics Display of America Inc. is now shipping the 3 megapixel (MP) NEC MultiSync MD21GS-3MP grayscale monitor and in November will start shipping the 2MP NEC MultiSync MD21GS-2MP grayscale monitor.

The medically certified LCDs are equipped with high performance features such as X-Light technology which offers factory calibration and consistency, whitepoint adjustment and flexibility as well as monitor matching and reduced downtime, said NEC.

In addition to the benefits of X-Light technology, the NEC MultiSync MD Series features include:
  • Calibration System: All monitors in the MD Series are equipped with a built-in calibrator.

  • Anti-glare and low reflection: The NEC SA-SFT module utilizes round resin beads instead of inconsistently shaped silica gel in the glass for advanced glare reduction. Additionally, a low-reflection overcoat is applied on top of the bead layer, which yields a low, uniform reflection over the surface of the monitor glass.

  • Multiple lookup tables (LUTS): Using LUTS, selectable gamma is made possible. Pre-set gamma settings are instantly changeable by using stored LUTS in monitor memory. Four user selections are available: DICOM, log-linear, 2.2 and 1.8.

  • GammaComp MD: calibration and conformance software that can be used to ensure consistent image quality on a single display system.