The need for large scale CAD databases

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Large databases chock full of computer assisted detection information could be highly beneficial to lunch cancer management, according to a Hot Topic presentation at RSNA 2005 in November. The database - which is now being developed - would support the development and testing of image processing tools used in diagnosis and treatment planning for the disease.
Developers set out to establish a plan for developing the tools with a host of healthcare players from radiology, pulmonary specialists, and the oncology community along side members of the private sector and organizations such as the FDA, FNIH, NCI, and NEMA.
The group of representatives created a plan to develop what they call the Image Database Resource Initiative (IDRI) which has its starting point from the already established Lung Imaging Database Consortium (LIDC). The LIDC includes a protocol and information technology infrastructure with the aim of providing a thorough collection of lung nodules.
Plans are underway to seek additional funding so that the LIDC can be extended for uses in chest radiography as well. Ultimately, the presenters indicated, the tool will assist the public and private sector in new developments in treatment.