NeoTool announces latest quality assurance tool

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NeoTool today announced NeoBrowse 2.0, a tool designed to deliver effective healthcare interface quality conformance for hospitals, laboratories, and imaging centers.

Developing, testing, and deploying new interfaces in healthcare is critical in today's environment, especially with the rising number of data exchanges between different healthcare applications. The continuous focus is to maintain the highest level of clinical data integrity, NeoTool said. 

The NeoBrowse 2.0 release facilitates testing and quality checking through its HL7 conformance and message and connection testing capabilities. With NeoBrowse, healthcare professionals can parse, test, and validate any HL7 message communicated to or from any healthcare integration technology platform.

Highlights of the new release include: 
  • Enhanced HL7 navigation;
  • Filtering and searching of messages, making it easy to find specific types of messages and patient data for review and analysis;
  • Pre-loaded HL7 message, segment, field, and data type knowledge for all versions of HL7 2.X;
  • Dynamic association of message data with HL7 message definitions, providing quick HL7 definitions of message content, essentially delivering an HL7 dictionary;
  • Able to build user-defined, custom views of HL7 messages;
  • Easy-to-understand message and metadata display;
  • Robust testing and validation features;
  • Message conformance check to an HL7 Standard or user-defined healthcare message profile;
  • Multiple-message send via TCP/IP connectivity, enabling quick tests of connections; and
  • Construction of custom HL7 formats, including Z segments, providing an easy manner to define HL7 messages