NeoTool launches CareGateway
NeoTool, a Plano, Texas-based healthcare IT applications developer, has introduced CareGateway, a web services-based solution that provides for the exchange of patient data with remote point-of-care locations.

According to the firm, CareGateway was developed to replace traditional virtual private networks (VPNs) that often require complex setup methods and tedious management to run smoothly.

The CareGateway product uses web services to securely transmit data between remote points of care or EMR applications and a centrally located system. The application provides consolidated monitoring, proactive troubleshooting, and allows for easy setup of remote clients with no communication infrastructure changes required at the remote site, the company said. 

In addition to robust security features, CareGateway capabilities include supporting different types of data formats and standards, including HL7 and XML messages and the capability to populate a Continuity of Care document or record.