NetApp unveils new midrange storage systems
Network Appliance Inc. (NetApp) unveiled two new midrange storage systems this week, the NetApp FAS3020 and FAS3050, in addition to a new serial ATA (SATA) option for primary storage applications.

The NetApp FAS3000 series systems are tools designed for IT groups at any biotechnology or medical research firms. The series includes a SATA drive option which increases the overall storage capacity without increasing the overall system price. The series offers ease of management, and can be integrated seamlessly into broader storage environments.
The series includes the NetApp architecture, and support file services FC SAN, IP SAN, and a number of network configurations, while remaining scalable to higher performance systems. The systems have storage capacity of up to 84TB and 336 disks. Other system features include FlexVol technology which can increase customers' storage utilization by up to 50 percent; combined with the new SATA storage option, primary storage cost per megabyte (MB) can be reduced by more than half; and the SATA drives as an option for primary storage including safeguards disk failure with RAID-DP technology.

NetApp also debuted two new V-Series virtualization engines, the NetApp V3020 and V3050. These new systems can be combined with the company's Data ONTAP 7G software to address three common user concerns: high storage acquisition costs, low storage resource utilization, and increasing storage management costs, NetApp said.