NeuroLogica Corporation
CereTom 8-slice CT scanner  
NeuroLogica Corporation (Booth 6229) is showcasing at RSNA its compact, lightweight, portable, high-speed, battery and line powered multidetector CereTom CT scanner optimized for scanning anatomy that can be imaged in the 25-cm field of view, primarily for the head and neck. The stem generates up to 8 slices per revolution. Combing portability with image detail enables the CereTom to provide effective and flexible CT imaging in a range of locations, such as: ICU/NICU/SICU/MICU, OR, ED, neuro interventional radiology suite, neuro critical care suite, patient rooms, radiology department, neurology offices, maxillofacial surgical suite, dental offices and ENT Surgery.

The company is highlighting a study from the Cleveland Clinic that found portable CT can significantly reduce cost and improve care of ICU patients. In the study published in the March/April issue of the Journal of the American Healthcare Radiology Administrators, NeuroLogica’s CereTom Portable Head/Neck scanner was used. According to the data, fewer personnel were required to conduct a scan which translated into an annual FTE cost savings of $162,512. In addition, with the fixed conventional scanner dedicated to perform a greater number of less time-intensive outpatient studies, an annual increase in revenue of $461,145 on the fixed full body scanner was realized.

Portable CT imaging offers a total scan time of 18 minutes per patient, as compared to the average of 50 minutes when transporting to the fixed full body scanner.