NeuroLogica launches CereTom OTOscan CT scanner
NeuroLogica Corporation launched its CereTom OTOscan in office CT scanner optimized for otolaryngology. The CereTom OTOscan is a bridge between flat panel dental scanners commonly used in ENT offices and more expensive, fixed CT scanners found in hospitals and imaging centers. 

The CereTom OTOscan offers both bone and soft tissue imaging in a compact size, as well as low dose, low scatter and wide functionality. Its image compatibility with commonly used surgical navigation systems also make it suitable for use with pre-op planning and post-op imaging software.

Moreover, the scanner is a portable eight slice CT scanner that acquires 1.25MM slices per rotation.  It is 29 inches long, about five feet tall and four feet wide and weighs approximately 750 pounds. The system’s battery can be recharged in any standard wall outlet and holds enough power to image four to eight patients.  The scanner also includes a mini-PACS that is ideal for use in the physician’s office.  

“NeuroLogica believes there are many who will benefit greatly by this new application of the CereTom.  We continue to fulfill our mission to provide improved access to head and neck imaging,” said Eric M. Bailey, CEO and co-founder of NeuroLogica Corporation.  “So by equipping ENT physicians with this technology and innovation, we not only change how ENTs can serve their patients more efficiently, but also how they scale their practice.”

Beyond availability in the United States., the system has also received its CE mark in Europe and has been certified for Canada as well.