NeuroLogica's CereTom used in ringside brain CT
NeuroLogica Corporation said its portable CereTom CT scanner was utilized to scan eight boxers during the weekend of the Oscar De La Hoya — Floyd Mayweather fight early this month. The company said this marks the first time in the sport’s history where ringside doctors and medical staff were able to conduct brain CT imaging just steps away from the ring.

Lorenzo Bethea was found to have a brain bleed resulting from his fight, and was immediately rushed to the emergency room for treatment. The prescribed post-fight CT scan of Bethea showed that he had suffered a subdural hematoma, or a brain-bleed and a midline shift. If the images had not been taken, Bethea likely would have not been sent to the hospital, and could have been left in a life-threatening state.

"The scan of Lorenzo Bethea shows how important post-fight scans are for these athletes," said Keith Kizer, executive director of the Nevada State Athletic Commission. "Boxing, and even other unarmed combat sports, can greatly benefit from these extra safety precautions and life-saving diagnostic technology.

The CereTom is 29 inches long, about five feet tall and four feet wide and weighs approximately 750 pounds. The system is designed for use in the ER, OR, ICU, MICU, SICU, NICU, interventional suite or any medical clinic. Its battery can be recharged in any standard wall outlet and holds enough power to image four to eight patients.