New Agfa PACS tools offer multi-site capabilities, expand clinical functionality
At SIIM 2007 in Providence, R.I., June 7-10, Agfa HealthCare rolled out its latest works in progress PACS upgrade for IMPAX 6.3. 

IMPAX 6.3 offers the necessary tools and customizable workflows that help healthcare organizations overcome the physical barriers of complex multi-site environments. Those tools include multi-site data synchronization, access to reports from across the enterprise and the management of multiple distinct patient ID domains. This helps to provide a virtual view of a patient’s imaging record from anywhere internet access is available, all on a single desktop. Physicians can review prior history and images and digitally assign acquisition protocols before exams and easily process and review images at one workstation post-exam. Clinical applications are embedded into IMPAX to provide physicians with improved workflow at a single workstation.
Agfa also highlighted:

• IMPAX Data Center -- a conduit into Clinical Data Center (a real-time database of all structured and unstructured data from different clinical sources). It presents a unified view of a single patient and leverages a central bank of transactional and data services that can permit an Enterprise level of data and clinical content management.

• IMPAX Clinical Module -- new software component for the IMPAX Radiology RIS/PACS solution that brings disparate clinical data such as lab results, pharmacy and pathology to the IMPAX Radiology Desktop

• DX-S -- groundbreaking digital imaging solution that provides high image quality, clinical flexibility, improved workflow and optimal cost of ownership. Using exclusive DirectriX needle-based detector technology and Scanhead line-to-line CR simulation and light collection technology, DX-S offers a fully integrated, compact digital imaging system with levels of performance previously unseen in other CR systems.

• CR 30-X -- a compact and convenient table-top CR solution, the CR 30-X with the NX Workstation is simple to use, and easy to install and maintain. It offers seamless integration from X-ray exposure to print or softcopy. It uses proven technologies to provide excellent image quality with high throughput.