New Dynamic Imaging PACS targets ambulatory imaging, group practices
Dynamic Imaging used SIIM in Providence, R.I., as the springboard to launch its IntegradWeb RIS/PACS for ambulatory imaging centers and radiology group practices. Highlighting completion of the IntegradWeb RIS/PACS beta program were successful implementations at Liberty Pacific Medical Imaging, LLC (LPMI) facilities in California and Ohio.

Integrating end-to-end web-based workflow leveraging the IntegradWeb RIS/PACS architectural platform allows Dynamic Imaging to offer ambulatory facilities a powerful, unified radiology desktop. Best–practice workflow includes scheduling through billing, fueled by the industry’s #1 ranked ambulatory PACS by KLAS for two years in a row. 

Based in Encino, Calif., LPMI operates outpatient medical diagnostic imaging centers. The group had previously purchased separate RIS and PACS solutions in its Encino and Long Beach, California facilities, but installed integrated IntegradWeb RIS/PACS in its new centers: Advanced Medical Imaging in Castro Valley, California, and Dynamic Medical Imaging in Columbus, Ohio.

IntegradWeb RIS/PACS includes the following application modules:
  • Enterprise Scheduling
  • Pre-certification Workflow
  • Clinical Workflow (Tech Log)
  • Document Management
  • Exam Visualization, Transcription, and Dictation
  • Distribution and Storage
  • Billing and Claims Management
  • Management Reporting
Each of these modules work together seamlessly to provide ambulatory organizations the ability to utilize best-practice workflow by eliminating traditional bottlenecks. IntegradWeb RIS/PACS tracks the patient encounter from scheduling through the entire billing process requiring the necessary information at each stage. In this fashion, IntegradWeb RIS/PACS establishes workflow that ensures each user enters all of the required information to create an acceptable insurance claim the first time through, resulting in a positive impact on billing outcomes.