New OrthoView software to launch at SIIM
U.K.-based Meridian Technique Limited plans to launch its OrthoView 5 software at the SIIM 2007 meeting in June, located in Providence, RI. This version of OrthoView comes with a feature for ‘plate bending’ on-screen and new Limb Deformity Correction Module.

One of the latest elements added to its Fracture Management Module is the ability to visualize the bending of trauma templates on-screen. “Plate bending” within the software is the result of much research and consultation with leading trauma specialists and has been developed in response to numerous requests from surgeons.

Surgeons bend plates during surgery to fit particular bones. This is something that is difficult to plan in advance using conventional x-rays, and therefore the ability to visualize the procedure on-screen is a benefit.

Another feature of the Version 5 software is the new Limb Deformity Module. This facilitates planning of full leg and single bone osteotomies, with the ability to plan deformities in the frontal, sagittal or oblique plane. A reduction tool allows quick and easy visualization of the planned correction and the module supports templating of internal and external fixators, including the Taylor Spatial Frame.