New Oxford research center to focus on autism research
The Oxford Neurodevelopmental Magnetoencephalography (MEG) Center has been officially opened at the University of Oxford, department of psychiatry, Warneford Hospital, in Oxford, England by Princess Anne.

The center will specialize on the research of autism and other neurodevelopmental disorders, utilizing MEG technology from Elekta. The new center offers a venue for a community of clinicians and neuroscientists studying both normal and abnormal brain development and function.

With its MEG system, the center will enable the non-invasive registering of nerve cell activity in the brain to measure the intensity of weak magnetic fields generated by electrical activity. The diagnostic tool increases the capability to understand and improve treatment of functional disorders, such as autism spectrum disorders, according to Elekta.

“Using MEG technology, we can determine the function of different parts of the brain for each specific patient in the current stage of his or her development. This information can give us an important piece of the puzzle for diagnosing and plan treatment for patients with brain disorders,” said Anthony Bailey of Oxford’s department of psychiatry.