New PET/CT center to be opened in Poland to reduce cancer surgeries
The mayor of Krakow, Poland, has approved a draft plan to finance the creation of a PET/CT center in the southern part of the city.

The project, to be submitted for consideration by the city council, aims to “ensure access to highly specialized diagnostic methods for the inhabitants of the region.” The current plan allocates funds from the municipal budget for the purchase of a PET/CT unit for the local University Hospital, according to the mayor.

The plan is part of an effort to reduce by 20 to 30 percent the number of patients undergoing cancer-related surgeries. According to city officials, the hospital has “both the infrastructure and human resources needed to implement the project swiftly and successfully.”

At the moment, there are only six PET/CT units in Poland for a population of nearly 40 million. Krakow, which is home to more 750,000 people, previously had been considered by the Health Ministry as a location for one such a facility, but lost out to Kielce.