New Products from: Agfa; EHS & Philips; Redrick
Agfa HealthCare is introducing its IMPAX Clinical Module, a new software component for the company’s IMPAX RIS/PACS designed to bring disparate clinical data such as lab results, pharmacy and pathology to the IMPAX Radiology Desktop. Agfa will be displaying the system at the HIMSS 2007 conference in New Orleans next week. 
The system makes clinical information available in real time, from multiple systems with a single log-on, saves the physician time and could potentially result in improved decisions, the company said.
The system also is able to flag abnormal results transmitted by the modality. And integration of clinical evidence to aid the radiologists with the protocoling and interpretation process is delivered through a zero click context sensitive integration to any clinical system in real-time.

Royal Philips Electronics plans to integrate its speech recognition-based document creation platform SpeechMagic with CareRevolution from Electronic Healthcare Systems (EHS). CareRevolution, as integrated with SpeechMagic, will ensure faster availability of accurate medical data in electronic medical records (EMR), the company said. CareRevolution is currently used by 4,000 physicians. By upgrading to Philips industrial grade document creation technology physicians, Philips said, the physicians will be able to choose their preferred dictation and transcription workflow. The system is being showcased at HIMSS next week.

The combined systems will support digital dictation, backend and frontend speech recognition, giving healthcare facilities total control over their document creation workflow. The system allows physicians to individually choose their preferred dictation workflow and easily switch between the various transcription methods at any time. SpeechMagic will also allow physicians to navigate and control the EMR through voice commands, eliminating the distractions of keyboard or mouse.

At the PACS 2007 Conference next month in San Antonio, Texas RedRick Technologies is showcasing the CVF-RT-SS-K40, with the CV Triple Monitor Mounting Solution and accessories. The company’s custom, ergonomic solutions have adjustable components to allow correct ergonomic positioning for all users. The ComfortView Workstation lets radiologists raise and lower the work surface to accommodate users of all sizes and let you stand while working. The CV Triple Monitor Mounting System allows the diagnostic display to be adjusted horizontally (forward or backward) to minimize eyestrain. The ComfortView keyboard height can be adjusted (below and above the worksurface) and permits angle adjustment. Also, ComfortView has a high weight capacity that is able to accommodate heavy PACS monitor configurations.