New Products from Array, iCRco, Sony
Array Corporation USA has announced its new Array 2908 MammoPro, a self-contained, touch screen-controlled, tabletop mammography film digitizer that combines PC connectivity and high-end scanning technology into one compact unit, without the need for a separate PC controller. The Array 2908 MammoPro features the same engine (provided OEM by Array Corporation USA) that resides in the ImageChecker DMax computer-aided detection system for digital mammography from R2 Technology Inc. (recently purchased by Hologic). The unit provides excellent penetration of high-density film with very low noise, resulting in high quality images available for human viewing and CAD analysis, the company said. The new 2908 unit is based on Array’s latest laser film digitizing technology – a 50-micron resolution, noise-reducing system capable of penetrating films up to density OD4 at just under 30 seconds for an 18x24 film.

The iCRco software development group has released their latest addition to the existing Quality Processing Center. iCRco’s advanced multichannel processing suite is now being complimented by a powerful processing tool iCE (intelligent clarity enhancement) that can suppress noise in underexposed images. This new processing further enhances iCRco’s 16 bit capture technology. iCRco expects the iCE module to enhance image appearance dramatically which the company hopes will further strengthen the market acceptance and position of the iCR product line.

Sony Electronics launched its latest dye sublimation 8- by 10-inch digital photo printer, which is designed to produce high-resolution images for surgical and radiology applications that do not require a DICOM interface. The new UP-D75MD printer model produces 8- by 10-inch, 300 dpi photos in about 80 seconds, and can print high-definition video images from digital sources, such as a computer or digital capture device, which is used to record footage to removable media. The printer uses a lamination process to create long-lasting prints that are both water-resistant and fingerprint- and smudge-proof, unlike most digital photo or inkjet printers on the market. Other features include a high-speed USB 2.0 interface and integrated gray balance adjustment capability. The new model has a cubic design so multiple units can be stacked upon each other for operational efficiency. It also features front-end operation for ease of use.