New Products from CareMedic Systems, MinXray
CareMedic Systems announced the release of its new revenue cycle performance management dashboard. The Web-based dashboard is integrated with the company’s AccelerateAR MedicareRT system to provide users with a tool that provides accurate measurements of performance and profitability.

The CareMedic performance management dashboard is a comprehensive decision support tool designed to gather and analyze data from the MedicareRT system and create key performance indicators (KPIs). Using a combination of analytical tools, data aggregation methods and personalized views, the dashboard provides valuable information that enables more effective revenue cycle management at every level. The solution includes standard CFO, patient financial services manager and billing manager views designed around those roles and responsibilities. Each user can further personalize the views according to individual preferences and priorities.

CareMedic also announced SecondaryGold, a system that allows its customers to focus on primary claims while CareMedic manages their secondary claim processing and follow-up. SecondaryGold is designed to increase the collection rate for secondary claims to more than 90 percent of the collectable dollars, increasing cash flow, reducing write-offs and eliminating claims processing fees.

SecondaryGold combines CareMedic’s AccelerateAR Medicare direct entry and claims management systems with follow-up services to relieve hospitals from the tedium of working high volume, low dollar secondary claims. With CareMedic’s SecondaryGold offering, hospitals can close the write-off black hole and collect dollars they normally do not collect—without paying claims management transaction or monthly fees, the company said.

MinXray, a supplier of portable deployable x-ray systems for the US Armed Forces, has announced a new line digital imaging systems to its line of products. The company has developed a Direct Radiology (DR) package powered by Canon technology. This system, dubbed the CMDR-1, is built to attach to the MinXray x-ray units and stands to provide a complete single-package DI radiographic system on wheels.