New Products: CIVCO, Clear Image Devices, Mazor
CIVCO Medical Solutions introduces the iVAS transducer cover to reduce the risks of cross-contamination and improve the quality of care during vascular procedures. Latex-free iVAS covers are 58 inches in length and provide additional sterile protection when performing vascular procedures, such as PICC and CVC placements. The telescopic-fold of the iVAS allows for easy application of gel, as well as application of the cover onto the transducer. CIVCO’s sterile procedure kits include an iVAS transducer cover, sterile gel packet and colored elastic bands to ensure a safe and efficient vascular procedure.

Clear Image Devices LLC released a new version of its Two-Step Positioning Platform made for use with the Cannon CXDI 50G portable x-ray platform. The design of the platform facilitates accurate x-ray imaging of feet, ankles, and the lower leg. The platform is used to place the patient in the optimal position for easily obtaining the highest quality weight bearing and non-weight bearing X-ray images. This positioning platform is also designed with safety grab bars to provide stability for patients both young and old.

Mazor Surgical Technologies, developer and manufacturer of innovative image-based surgical positioning systems, announces a new SpineAssist application to enable precise placement of thoracic spinal implants. The application is able to addresses the approximately 20 percent misplacement rate for thoracic screws cited in academic literature, the company said.

The application is designed to improve clinical outcomes by providing surgeons with detailed guidance in the positioning of implants in narrow thoracic spinal vertebrae.

The Mazor SpineAssist platform enables highly accurate pre-operative planning and placement of spinal fusion screws and supports related surgical interventions. It consists of a miniature robot, patented Hover-T Bridge, which allows the robot to glide freely above the patient's spine, and a workstation running advanced surgical planning and guidance software. During spinal procedures, the system guides the surgeon in real time to pinpoint the exact location and trajectory of the implant based on the pre-surgical plan. The platform is optimized for specific interventions with a range of applications fine-tuned for specific areas of the spine. It has demonstrated significantly greater accuracy in implant positioning than freehand placement.

The new solution complements the existing SpineAssist lumbar spine application.