New products from Imaging Diagnostic Systems, Richardson Electronics
Imaging Diagnostic Systems Inc. has upgraded the majority of international CTLM systems to the 4.1 Performance Package level, which includes several significant enhancements.

"When we launched our U.S. FDA pre-market approval data collection study, we announced that many improvements had been made to the CTLM system since the prior study in 2001. We wanted our global users to share in these improvements as well; recent shipments from our factory have routinely included the 4.1 package. Our plan has always been to upgrade the installed CTLM base as well," said Tim Hansen, chief executive officer. "We are now nearing completion of that field upgrade program, done entirely at IMDS expense…. The remaining upgrade sites include China and sites pending final installation.”

The 4.1 package enhancements include: new scan control software to reduce scan time from 12 to 9 minutes, increased patient throughput by 25 percent with additional patient comfort and reduced patient movement artifacts; CTLM self-diagnostic background software to monitor for potential faults and to log quality-assurance data for service purposes; upgraded software to simplify daily calibration routines; customer-driven changes to the image presentation displays to allow faster, more flexible viewing; and, specifically for the international installed base, operator interface software that enables simplified translation into non-English languages.

Richardson Electronics released its Image Systems FP1800MBNC medical imaging display, a monochrome 18-inch, analog LCD bridged the gap between original CRT monitors and current digital technology, as a replacement for OEM modality displays in fluoroscopy, CT and MRI.
The FP1800MBNC allows healthcare facilities to upgrade existing CRT-based modality displays with LCD panels. Most LCDs cannot handle the number and variety of video timings in the many legacy CRT monitors currently in use. Image Systems has pre-programmed the FP1800 with dozens of standard analog video timings for medical applications, enabling it to interface with the video signals of most current and legacy modality systems.

Image Systems’ engineers continue to add video timings to the FP1800MBNC every month, based on feedback from the field. Matching signals to legacy systems can also be custom programmed, based on the manufacturer, part number and/or system application.
The FP1800MBNC is distributed exclusively by Richardson Electronics.
Richardson also released a ScrollSeal Washable Mouse and the SpillSeal Protected Keyboard, to address the problem of bacterial cross-infection in medical environments where a disinfecting protocol is required.

These devices have the look and feel of normal peripherals, yet they can be fully washed under running tap water or immersed in antibacterial solutions for complete disinfection. In addition to being waterproof, the SpillSeal Protected Keyboard is also dustproof. The ScrollSeal Washable Mouse has smooth optical tracking and an ergonomic design. It features two standard buttons, with a scroll wheel conveniently located in the center. Every recess can be cleaned, including the scroll wheel (which can be easily removed and simply clipped back into place once clean).

Both the keyboard and mouse have been tested to IP66 and NEMA 4X Standards and can be utilized in Operating Rooms and other healthcare facilities. Each is available in a wired or wireless version, and feature compatibility with Windows 98/ME/2000/XP.