New York Mayor calls for nation wide EHRs
New York City Mayor Bloomberg has offered the plan outline focused on curing many of America’s healthcare woes. During a speech recently in Washington, D.C. Bloomberg called for more focus to be placed on prevention rather than just treating disease once it’s there, the New York Sun reports. "It's not stretching the truth very much to say that we're paying for a disease care system, not a healthcare system," Bloomberg said in his speech. "We're managing how to die, not postponing it."

The mayor believes that preventative care hinges a great deal on implementation of electronic health records across the country. This is because the records provide doctors with fast access to a patient's medical history and other important capabilities that can potentially aid in disease prevention. Bloomberg noted that New York City’s 11 public hospitals have already implemented electronic records.

In his proposal he called for physician offices, clinics and hospitals across America to implement EHRs within five years. This would be done through the assistance of federal programs and could come with a price tag of $20 billion.

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