Nexsan shows storage solutions
Nexsan Technologies was a new exhibitor at SIIM 2007 in Providence, RI, last week. The company’s high-density RAID storage units are very popular with customers looking for more storage in a smaller footprint, said Kerry Showalter. The SATA Beast offers high density storage with 42TB in 4 units of rack space for as low as $1100 per terabyte. The product is an enterprise class storage array built around the latest high-capacity SATA disk drives.

Nexsan also showed its Assureon, an intelligent, disk-based archiving solution. Assureon systems give users powerful and cost-effective choices for the protection, retention and long term care of their information assets. Its secure storage architecture delivers a comprehensive array of intelligent features including constant monitoring of file integrity, lifecycle management, file authentication, missing file alerts, and support for remote replication, along with optional file-level encryption. Assureon provides secure protection and immediate access to archival information at less cost compared to legacy solutions. Multiple layers of security and data protection are available through the use of AES encryption.

Growing storage needs in the healthcare industry are driving business, said Showalter. The company is about nine years old and back then, most facilities were managing one or two TB of data. Now, “putting in 200 to 300 TB of storage is not unusual. People are talking about storage in terms of petabytes, which is 1,000 terabytes. Everyone wants their images to keep getting better and cleaner but that requires more storage.”