Noblis to help organizations create, align business strategies
Noblis’ Information Management & Systems Practice (IM&S) will begin providing a new series of workshop-based offerings designed to help organizations create and align business and clinical strategies and enhance IM&S governance processes.
The workshops, which will cover Rapid Strategic Alignment and Rapid Governance Design, were created to help healthcare organizations recognize the impact of technology solutions on business or clinical processes, the people and the environment, according to the Falls Church, Va.-based Noblis.

Rapid Strategic alignment is a rapid planning approach used to establish the appropriate linkages between the business and clinical environments as well as the IM&S environment. Rapid Governance Design is a rapid decision making collaborative approach used to gain concurrence regarding the establishment of effective IM&S governance structure and associated processes.

Unlike traditional planning approaches, these offerings utilize a rapid design and are based on Noblis’ comprehensive four-phase IM&S strategic planning methodology: 1) Strategy Alignment; 2) Target State Formulation, Assessment & Gap Analysis; 3) IM&S Vision and Strategy; and 4) Final IM&S Strategic Plan.
“These new service offerings will assist hospitals and health systems in achieving the business value of their technology investments,” said John Vitalis, senior principal and IM&S strategy service line leader. “They can be conducted independently, or in conjunction with a comprehensive IM&S strategy or enterprise strategy initiative.”
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