NovaRad’s NovaRIS/NovaPACS 7.1  
NovaRad (Booth 4265) is showcasing enhancements, advancements and new features in the firm’s NovaRIS/NovaPACS 7.1.

The combined RIS/PACS is web-based and runs on the same open-source platform to ensure seamless integration and help speed installation, the company says. The combined system also is available in Spanish and through an application service provider (ASP) model.

The new release includes a number of new hanging protocol functions including automated comparative and single-study display enabling two different hanging protocols for any study when it is being viewed alone or with another comparative study; series start in a cine, MPR or other advanced format; and study duplication to ease manipulation and viewing in different windows or levels.

Additional enhancements include customizable series display settings that enable a radiologist to designate a step-by-step image workflow according to their reading preference. In addition, new controls for faster scrolling speeds and dexterity for larger image count studies, series notifiers on thumbnails to indicate what studies are open, and fit-to-fill and size-to-fit options are offered as well as new functionalities for technologist quality control for imaging studies.