NRG Global
NRG Global (Booth 8133) is launching its AppsWatch Healthcare, a software tool that monitors the performance of health IT applications from an end user's perspective to ensure that performance issues are not compromising staff efficiency, quality of care, or patient safety. The company is also launching AppLoader Healthcare, a load testing solution designed for healthcare information systems.

AppsWatch Healthcare offers a front-end approach that looks at application performance as a physician, nurse, pharmacist, radiologist or other end user experiences it. The software monitors an application's availability and response time throughout each stage of the care process, such as patient admission and discharge, physician rounds or pharmacy orders.

AppLoader Healthcare load tester simulates user load activity for healthcare applications, so providers can be confident of an application's performance before bringing it into a live environment. AppLoader Healthcare verifies that a new or upgraded application meets expected performance requirements by simulating thousands of users accessing the application from multiple locations simultaneously. It acts as actual end users to give a picture of end-to-end performance from a real user's standpoint - for example, an application's performance while accessing radiology records, admitting a patient or verifying a medication order.