Nuance Healthcare
Nuance Healthcare’s PowerScribe 5.0 and RadWhere 3.0  
Nuance Healthcare (Booth 6215) is displaying new versions of its speech recognition reporting solutions, PowerScribe 5.0 and RadWhere 3.0.

PowerScribe 5.0 is the newest version of its speech recognition reporting solution for radiology, offering an upgrade to the speech recognition engine; system architecture enhancements; a redesigned user interface; upgrades to support multiple RIS and customer-driven system enhancements designed to give radiologists more control of their reports. Nuance also is demonstrating RadWhere 3.0 for radiology departments that require advanced workflow capabilities and intelligent case routing. The developments in multi-site workflow orchestration and custom data capture for streamlined radiology reporting are available with RadWhere 3.0. An updated radiology dictionary, improved administrative functionality and custom data entry is coupled with workflow management.