Nucletron spotlights microSelectron digital afterloader
Nucletron of Vennendaal, Netherlands, is highlighting its new microSelectron digital afterloader for brachytherapy treatment at the American Society of Therapeutic Radiology and Oncology conference in Los Angeles this week.

The microSelectron digital afterloader offers six-, 18-, and 30-channel systems, providing the opportunity to treat from 1 to 90 channels, the company said. It enables conformal treatment of localized cancers including gynecologic, breast, prostate, skin, and endorectal applications, Nucletron said. A customer purchasing a six-channel system can later upgrade the afterloader to a higher channel device, the firm added.

The new microSelectron features the capability to connect to existing Nucletron brachytherapy applicators and consumables as well as DICOM compliant software. It also comes with simulation software that allows training on the system in a non-clinical setting.

In addition, the device includes Nucletron’s onConnect remote-service capabilities. The onConnect tool automatically provides performance data, alerts, and alarms to Nucletron support personnel so the proactive service may be delivered to the device via the internet, the company said.