Numa offers upgraded tools for connectivity, management
Nuclear medicine connectivity company Numa at SNM 07 this week in Washington, D.C, emphasized a range of tool designed to help integrate nuclear medicine department data with information systems and streamline the management of images commonly used in nuclear medicine.

The company has upgraded one of its well-known products with NumaList Plus, which provides enhanced integration, functionality and efficiency for customers still using Philips/ ADAC Pegasys SPECT imaging device.  The new product eliminates time-consuming re-entry of patient information by enabling importing of HIS/RIS) information directly into Pegasys systems.  The user simply selects the scheduled patient at the acquisition workstation and acquires the images. 

Pegasys workstations without DICOM export can add NumaLink, the company’s image translation and connectivity tool. NumaList Plus works with NumaLink to provide comprehensive DICOM connectivity for the Pegasys.

Also new at SNM for Numa was enhanced vendor compatibility for NumaRead, which enables translation of images from non-DICOM to DICOM format, while automating data migration.  NumaRead is particularly useful for moving PET, NM, nuclear cardiology and related data stored on older, removable media to DVD or modern online storage.  This includes NumaStore’s online RAID and PACS.  NumaRead supports automated migration of entire image libraries and also streamlines the location and access of pre-existing studies on any media.

Finally, the company showcased its new NumaStore Lite, a special version of Numa’s image storage and management system fitted for the needs of small NM departments, freestanding clinics and specialty practices using NM images, such as nuclear cardiology. 

New NumaStore Lite is appropriate for the specialized workflow and lower volume storage needs of smaller practices, while offering enhanced cost efficiencies.