NYC may model EHRs for the nation

The City of New York may serve as the model for the effort to implement EHRs across the United States.

The administration of New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is collaborating with a coalition of U.S. House Democrats to help achieve the goal of linking 75 percent of the nation’s healthcare providers through an e-record system within a decade, according to the New York Sun.

More than 200 primary care doctors in the five city boroughs are using EHRs, and the Sun reported that the city is on track to reach its goal of 1,000 providers serving more than a million patients by the end of the year.

Joined by six lawmakers, including Bloomberg said that he was confident that the public was coming around to the idea, noting that people have accepted other privacy insecurities brought through technological  advancements, the Sun reported. “I think this time it will be easier to implement,” Bloomberg said.