OR Technology installs Medici x-ray in northeast Germany
The radiology department of a Western Pomerania hospital has installed a direct digital x-ray unit from OR Technology, based in Rostock, Germany.

The retrofit Medici DR 1717-Duo solution includes two Varian PaxScan 4343R flat detectors installed in the bucky table and wall stand, and a PC with a touchscreen. The acquisition software for x-ray images dicomPACS DX-R forms the core of the system. A Stadler 8X series generator is integrated in the system and also runs on the DX-R software.

OR Technology said that the integrated multimedia radiographic positioning guide helps the user with notes, photos and videos. The correct setup for every exam is clearly illustrated. After capturing, x-ray images are transferred into the hospital’s PACS in the DICOM format. The system also communicates with the existing patient management system for the exchange of task requests.