OrbusNeich releases new coronary dilation catheter in EU market
OrbusNeich has added the Sapphire NC coronary dilatation catheter to its product line with the receipt of European CE Mark approval.

A non-compliant balloon, Sapphire NC has controlled growth of 0.6 percent per atmosphere of pressure over the working pressure range for controlled dilatations, the Hong Kong-based OrbusNeich said.  Furthermore, the catheter has 22 atmospheres-rated burst pressure for treatment of calcified lesions and for post-stent dilatation.          

The company said its balloon catheter’s HIST [HIgh Speed Tracking] tip allows tracking along the guidewire, while OrbusNeich’s TIFO [TIght FOld] processing results in a slender profile for updated crossability through tight lesions.

Sapphire NC is available in a range of sizes for dilatation to match popular stent lengths, according to OrbusNeich.