PACS / IT: The Key to Connectivity

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With a show theme based on communication, what better place to start the exhibitor preview than with picture archiving and communications systems (PACS) and a host of related information technologies (IT).

GE Medical Systems Information Technologies (GEMSIT, booth #4500) highlights its latest Centricity RIS/PACS application. Centricity RIS/PACS Version 2.1 provides clinicians with advanced toolsets and functionality to help manage and navigate large and complex datasets. The technology includes image and workflow support for image objects, such as PET/CT and digital mammography images. 

Additional diagnostic tools specific to individual modality requirements also will be showcased with improvements in image distribution performance.

GEMSIT also will show full support for client/server architecture from GEMS' Advantage workstation as a works-in-progress. The Visualization Server technology will allow any Advantage workstation application to be delivered to the Centricity PACS on demand, providing optimal post-processing and navigational functionality to the PACS users.

Philips Medical Systems (booth #1352) looks to strengthen its IT portfolio with its new version of ViewForum technology. ViewForum provides users with intelligent automated and protocoled tools to view complex CT and MR image series at a speed that is required for clinical routine. ViewForum is available on modality workstations and consoles and is integrated on the Philips PACS workstations.

Philips also introduces concurrent user methodology on its diagnostic PACS workstations, complete with clinical applications, RIS desktop integration, voice recognition and more, providing the flexibility of enterprise-wide and web-based PACS.

Eastman Kodak Co.
(booth #2729) unveils its newest version of the Kodak DirectView PACS System 5 platform with enhancements, including integrated 3D utilities (MIP, tissue definition and vessel tracking), enterprise-wide reporting enhancements and a teaching file utility. Kodak also introduces its Radiology Information System 2010 (RIS 2010) into the United States.

Also new in 2003 is Kodak DirectView Versatile Intelligent Patient Archive (VIParchive), which the company describes as a full digital asset management platform that manages PACS and cardiology storage needs and provides distributed enterprise-wide management of DICOM and non-DICOM digital assets across multiple storage platforms.

Agfa Healthcare (booth #1129) is introducing to North America an integrated IT system that combines Impax (version 5.0) RIS-PACS-Speech as a stand-alone application or as an integrated package.

Agfa also shows the latest version of its TalkStation product. The current work-in-progress - TalkStation 3.0 - is set for release in early 2004 and will offer features such as improved recognition accuracy enhance user satisfaction, and security features including log-ins and log-outs and enhanced control over content viewing.

Agfa also displays its Drystar 5300 tabletop dry imager for decentralized imaging.

TeraRecon (booth #3539) is collaborating with GEMSIT to demonstrate the integration of GEMS-IT's Centricity PACS and TeraRecon's AquariusNET, with AquariusNET automatically providing a 3D tool to accompany 2D review on Centricity. AquariusNET is a client-server system designed to deliver workflow-friendly 3D by using the server's power to perform the rendering, and regular PCs enterprise-wide to provide the user interface.

AquariusNET updated clinical applications and tools include CT / PET overlay with manual registration for CT and PET examinations; multi-phase support for time-dependent 3D MRA or CTA examinations; and movie export tool provides for AVI creation from 2D or 3D images.

Updated clinical applications for the Aquarius 3D workstation include segmentation-analysis-tracking (SAT) for soft tissue masses or solitary pulmonary nodules; time-density analysis (TDA) software for perfusion studies; time-volume-analysis (TVA) software for cardiac functional evaluation; and vascular analysis tool (VAT) for analyzing thrombus, calcifications, and endoleaks.

Misys Healthcare Systems (booth #2121) is showing off its Misys IIMIS RIS-PACS that includes the Misys Radiology information system and Misys Image Management. Among the new clinical radiology technologies on display are:
  • Misys PACS Integration Module (PIM), a fully integrated Misys Radiology-PACS, which provides DICOM services that eliminate the need for a broker between