PACS Possibilities - Part II
With this edition of our PACS portal newsletter, we wrap up our overview of the range of enterprise-capable imaging informatics systems displayed in the technical exhibit halls of McCormick Place and Lakeside Center at this year’s Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) 94th annual scientific session and general assembly. In December 2008, we first covered the expansion of PACS possibilities showcased during RSNA.

The 2008 RSNA served as a stage on which significant PACS developers from around the globe showcased their technology. Judging from the crowds in the exhibit halls and around PACS vendor booths, the systems continue to capture the attention of the majority of conference attendees—and it’s no wonder.

PACS products impact the professional lives of diagnostic imaging physicians and technologists as no other clinical system does in any other area of healthcare. This year saw further developments in radiology PACS, as well as modifications of the technology for other clinical departments that utilize diagnostic imaging.

As it has extended its scope, PACS vendors also have demonstrated tighter integration and management with other clinical informatics products—such as an EMR, laboratory information systems and hospital information systems.

If you took a well-earned break around the holidays, you may have missed our daily coverage of the variety of PACS technologies at this year’s RSNA. Check out our RSNA review to catch up on the host of new and improved software, as well as clinical insights into the practical applications of these groundbreaking tools, which were unveiled at the meeting.

Also, if you’re looking to bolster the PACS capabilities of your practice in the coming year, please stop by our Healthcare Tech Guide. We have listings for vendors, systems, training, services and white papers for a variety of products spanning the healthcare environment.

In closing, if you have a comment or report to share about PACS in your practice, please contact me at the address below. I look forward to hearing from you.

Jonathan Batchelor, Web Editor