PACSGear introduces PacsSCAN Video
At the 93rd annual meeting of the Radiological Society of North America (RSNA) in Chicago last month, PACSGear introduced PacsSCAN Video.

With PacsSCAN Video, users can capture and send still images and video clips from non-DICOM scopes, cameras and other video devices to PACS/EHR. It includes a simple user interface that allows anyone to capture, annotate and edit video without prior knowledge of PACS.

Thomas Pickard, vice president of marketing and business development of PACSGear, said the company introduced the product because there are many modalities outside of radiology that have non-DICOM images, and “we give these hospitals a better picture of their patients’ health by incorporating them into their medical records.” PacsSCAN takes those non-DICOM images and incorporates them into PACS and EHRs.

Pickard added that the product is particularly conducive to any environment that scopes are employed. Prior to PacsSCAN Video, it was generally too expensive to integrate those images into PACS.

PacsSCAN Video supports a variety of analog devices and non-DICOM modalities to digitally record images that were previously documented on thermal paper, video tape or photographic film. The product also includes features to scan documents, create electronic forms and import multimedia files.