PACSGear launches PacsSCAN Film for digital mammo
PACSGear introduced its PacsSCAN Film for Mammography, an application designed for digitizing film-based mammography images at the RSNA conference in Chicago last week.

The PacsSCAN Film for Mammography System scans plain film mammograms and allows side-by-side comparison with digital mammography images, according to the Pleasanton, Calif.-based PACSGear.

The company said that the product improves radiologists’ reading times by employing the DICOM digital mammography standard, which enables the correct sequencing of scanned images on digital mammography workstations. Scanned images can be enhanced by using its proprietary Dynamic Contrast Algorithm (DCA). The PacsSCAN Film for Mammography software can be configured to display scanned images at the same resolution as their digital counterparts. PACSGear said that throughput is enhanced with its patent-pending batch scanning technology.