Particle beam therapy coming to Calif. school
Touro University, a branch of Touro College in New York, will offer particle beam therapy for cancer at its future $1.2 billion health science research campus on Mare Island in northern California. Currently, combined particle therapy is available only in Japan and Germany.

Touro plans to develop a Particle Therapy Center as part of this overall investment and will use integrated software systems and advanced equipment from Siemens Medical Solutions.

"This Center will be an important contribution to radiotherapy of cancer in the United States," said Dr. Bernard Lander, president of Touro. "Touro's goal is to save lives, consistent with our longstanding commitment to providing quality healthcare education and research while serving humanity."

The planned facility, which is expected to be the first of its kind west of the Mississippi, will utilize Siemens' latest technology. Siemens and Touro have signed a contract for project development, and are finalizing the design and enthusiastically moving forward.

The center is being developed under an agreement between Touro University and the City of Vallejo, whereby the university will anchor a larger master planned University Village and Health Science Research Campus. The campus is positioned at the center of the San Francisco Bay Area bio-science corridor. At 190 acres, the campus is the last large parcel of land fronting on San Francisco Bay.