Partnering Systems Engineering with HIT to Improve Healthcare Delivery for Hospitalized Patients
Monday, Feb. 21, 9:45 AM - 10:45 AM

Hospitalized patients present some of the most complex challenges in the healthcare delivery system. Multiple care providers, health IT (HIT) systems, departments and processes are involved. Physicians and the rest of the care team increasingly rely on information from HIT systems to piece together the care puzzle in order to make process improvements. To date, many HIT systems are inept in their ability to assist in this need. This session explores case studies highlighting the need for more synergistic partnerships between systems engineering and HIT. Developing stronger partnerships between systems engineering and HIT systems enables improvements in how care is managed and delivered - which is what matters most.

Speaker Information:
Jeanne Huddleston, MD, program director of the hospital medicine fellowship at Mayo Clinic in Rochester, Minn.
Pauline Hogan, MBA, performance improvement engineer, Mayo Health System

  • Describe the HIT needs of the care providers to improve the processes of care for inpatients.
  • Explain how many existing HIT systems can hinder the ability to improve the process of patient care by focusing measurements on the outcomes rather than the process components.
  • Articulate the case for alignment between systems engineering techniques and HIT system development for long term, sustainable improvements.